Luna Delgado Botanicals

I have to admit that I bought your Summer Serum solely on its complex, intoxicating scent alone. But after testing out your product in the harshest, driest time of year here in the Arizona desert, I feel like I’ve found the perfect addition to my daily beauty regimen. The serum’s deeply moisturizing and highly penetrating concentration of oils genuinely delivered a lightweight yet potent solution to the redness, irritation and discoloration I experience each summer. My skin honestly feels brighter, healthier and more hydrated after using your serum and the added benefits of its calming, stress relieving aroma have me hooked!

Deep Sleep is my bedtime ritual. I started using it about 4 months ago and I won't go a night without it. It's a nice, light lotion that absorbs quickly, so when applied to the soles of my feet, it just soaks right in without feeling sticky or greasy. The scent is unbelievable! It has an earthy essence which immediately grounds me, calms my mind, and nourishes my heart, just how you want to feel before falling asleep. Seriously my favorite part about getting into bed now. It's a must have!

As someone who spends a good deal of time outdoors, the seasonal nature of the products is very attractive to me and I look forward quarterly to updating my skin care regimen with a new scent profile and ingredients matched to the weather.

I have been using the Luna Delgado facial product line for the last few years. I've noticed a healthy glow, zero outbreaks and no dryness. With Luna Delgado Botanicals, I know that I'm putting the highest quality essential oils on my skin.

Just wanted to send a quick thank you for the amazing face serum you gave me. The scent takes me back to India and that is something I have been craving ever since we returned. I use it everyday and it just helps me feel connected to the two worlds that sometimes seem so far apart

After studying and practicing for years with Luna I can vouch for her authenticity, respect and reverence for the practice. She gifted me a toner and I fell in love with the it, not just for the way it smells but for the overall way that it feels. I kept begging her for more! Now the Toner with the Serum... I LOVE the way my skin feels! It is so clean and natural. I could not be more thrilled that she has now developed her collection to offer to the public, a line where you can dive into your own self care practice. I could not recommend Luna Delgado Botanicals more!

"I was in a mountain biking accident and used my face as a brake to come to a stop. I suffered some pretty severe facial road rash and bruising from the accident. Wanting to heal as quickly as possible I reached out to Luna to see if she had any magic elixirs that might help. Of course she did and I can't rave enough about how quickly my face started to heal. Not only did my face heal up quicker than expected, but today there is almost no evidence of the injuries on my face.