Sound Bath September 26th 6:30pm with take home gift!



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About the event:

A crystal alchemy sound bath is a unique opportunity to gently meet the fidgets of the mind and experience a profoundly harmonizing experience. During our session, Luna will verbally guide you through a deeply relaxing meditation. Guided breath-work and a mind-body scan will be offered to release tensions of the body and mind, including racing thoughts or overall worry. You will then be guided into the deeper brainwaves of restoration and healing. All the while, you can remain in a comfortable position with your preferred props brought from home.

The vibrations of the sound create a meditative and rejuvenating listening experience that serve as a container for emotions that are no longer serving you, or are too hard to carry, allowing them to be processed and released. There are no expectations of how one should feel after a session, but some find themselves feeling nurtured, a sense of relief and calmness, or a deeper connection to themselves than before. Some even find lasting effects into their night sleep or days after. Bring your own eye pillow, essential oils, socks, or anything else that will provide you with a restorative experience. All are welcome (ages 14+).

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is a 250-HR certified yoga and sound meditation facilitator. She found herself coming to her mat more consistently 10 years ago to align the pressures of her outer and inner worlds with equanimity and grace. The heart of her teaching lies within her guidance of disengaging from the hustle lifestyle by slowing down, centering into the breath, and recalibrating the nervous system to access a deeper level of self through movement and sound. She hopes you leave her classes feeling an overall sense of grounding and security within your body, mind, and heart.

About Luna:

Luna is a lifetime student of the earth and all of the wonders that it provides. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for 30+ years and teaching for 25 years.  She brings her decades of guiding Nidra to anyone who is interested in experiencing it.