Skin Sorbet + Honey Elixir




Revitalize your complexion with Skin Sorbet + Honey Elixir deep cleansing masque! Combine the dry and liquid components to activate them immediately before use.

Skin Sorbet, a luscious combination of hydrating kaolin clay, rose petal powder, pineapple enzymes and rosehip powder in combination with the stellar Honey Elixir expertly exfoliates, shines and regenerates your skin.

Honey Elixir is the liquid component using locally harvested organic honey in combination with plant botanicals. Honey Elixir helps our skin attract and retain moisture. This humectant quality helps generate new skin cells and fight against skin aging.  Our locally harvested organic honey hydrates the skin beautifully without causing any oiliness. Honey is full of antioxidants which help protect our skin from oxidative damage. Its antimicrobial properties are also beneficial.


This is a beautiful two part formula. Skin Sorbet is the dry element and Honey Elixir is the liquid gold! Mix as directed, apply to face. Allow 5-15 minutes then gently remove with ward water. Follow up with Toner and Serum of your choice.