How to Decide

Luna Delgado Botanicals

Our seasonal approach to skincare means custom solutions for a variety of skin types. As the seasons change, we experience various temperatures and climate extremes, all of which have an effect on our health and vitality.

Some climate effects may include dry patches, rosacea, combination skin or sensitive skin. Additionally, as we age, we often experience changes in our skin tone, elasticity and brightness.

In order to ensure that your skin stays nourished and healthy throughout the year, we have identified ingredients that, when combined properly, make comprehensive solutions to antidote the excesses of each season.

Spring Collection

I Choose Spring Collection when:
  • I have combination skin.
  • I have sensitivity to natural aromas.
  • I am sensitive to allergens.
  • I need uplifting during changing weather.
  • I feel balanced and it is spring

Summer Collection

I Choose Summer Collection when:
  • I am often hot
  • I have redness in my skin tone
  • I love sweetly aromatic formulas
  • I have oily skin with occasional acne
  • I feel balanced and it is summer

Autumn Collection

I Choose Autumn Collection when:
  • I have dry skin
  • I am often cold
  • I love warm and rich aromatics
  • I tend to experience anxiety
  • I feel balanced and it is autumn

Winter Collection

I Choose Winter Collection when:
  • I have fine lines and thin skin
  • I want nourishing and hydration
  • I want an additional over-night formula
  • I tend to be cold
  • I feel balanced and it is winter